Get out there and ride

I start off this summer of 2011 with a quote of the day:

“…so, get out there and ride!  Take that trip to Alaska…circumnavigate California….go wherever adventure takes you…”

This, spoken by the photographer at lunch today, all 4 of us at the table shares a affection for motorcycles in one way or another.  It was a pleasant way to transition the conversation after just discussing the unpleasantness of surviving cancer (be it brain, breast or ball) at a young age.  It reminded us to not make excuses, to not wait. I came home to more bad news.  A fellow rider I met in Sturgis last summer, died from colliding with a deer while riding his new Harley.  Then, I recall last Sunday standing at the edge of the pavement amidst a turn on Angeles crest; a temporary roadblock was set up and the USFS clean up crew was called to hoist a crotch rocket up from the embankment.  It seems like a lot of accidents have been happening lately.  Flashes of recent stories and pictures of friends who have survived with cuts, bruises, broken bones and scraped gear.

I do not want to paint such a somber picture as my opener, so I will make my point using the words as many before me have…Enjoy life like it’s your last day.  Go out and do something that makes you happy.  Tell the ones you Love, just that.  The reality of motorcycling as a dangerous sport does not keep me from riding.  I love the freedom, the experiences too much to give it up.  I choose to not live in fear (as suggested I should by a man on my trip last summer), but know my limits.

So, I prep, a month away from departure, this time a destination of Alaska. It is the adventure that I love and what I live each day for.

2 thoughts on “Get out there and ride

  1. Love reading about your adventures Alison. I became familiar with you through my good friend Don Carlson/ Mongo whos Sturgis pictures showed you there with his friends. They are quite a bunch. It’s too bad about Mongo. I lost a true friend.
    Keep up the fantastic adventures and I hope you don’t mind me following along. I live in Oregon and recently sold my VStrom 1000 so it’s nice to hear about someone who still rides.
    Be careful and when in bear country always travel with someone slower than you and forget all the other stuff you hear. 🙂


  2. Hey Randy…Those I met at Sturgis were such a fantastic bunch of people and definitely a highlight of last summer. I’m glad to have you follow along… and thanks for the bear advice. I’ll make sure I’m not at the back of the pack in bear country. Cheers.

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