Gear in a box.

I returned home from WMRS and a box was happily waiting on my doorstep. The kind folks at Scorpion EXO sent me a fantastic set of their long distance adventure gear. Luckily, for my larger frame, the jacket, pants and gloves fit terrifically.  Sometimes it’s hard to prepare for rain and cold weather in the 95 degree heat of Los Angeles, but I am excited to try out the armor as I head north to cooler temperatures.

3 thoughts on “Gear in a box.

  1. Very cool indeed. Is this a gratis celebrity adventurer endorsement type of deal? If it’s not, it should be.

    In fact, I challenge all followers of alisonswanderland to participate in said sponsorship. I will match each and every bag of Teriyaki Beef Jerky and/or liquor store size tub of Hot ‘N’ Spicy Simulated Meat Product Sausages to send along with you. No refrigeration necessary, bears won’t eat it, and it has a shelf life longer than a KLR. Now what’s better than that?

  2. Oh, I almost forgot. So…now that you’ve been able to be sponsored by two generous companies who have supplied you with some handy-dandy gear, do you think the next sponsor could be, oh, I dunno, BMW? THAT would be AWESOME.

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