Day 1- odo: 26,042

Glendale, CA to Kennedy meadows, CA via Hwy 2 -> 14 -> 395 -> 9 mile canyon

Excerpt: Late start but good timing….

I finally hit the road around 1 pm. Knowing that I won’t make it far, I decide to camp near Kennedy meadows where I was informed of a moto gathering just days earlier. Out to the 395, the hours drag on in a straight line of familiar asphalt. Turning on to 9 mile canyon road, I welcome the change of pace of tight twisty switchbacks ascending toward sequoia national forest. As I turn left off the main highway, i follow the marked paper plates along a soft dirt trail that leads to overflow at Troy Meadows campground. A couple miles later, the camp is fairly vacant as most are in town for dinner. But for some reason, Cathy, one of the few female motorcyclists attending, is standing in the middle of the road, like a welcoming committee. Funny that she should be the first person I run into…I was happy to see her familiar face. I set up my tent as others return and the camp ground starts buzzing. Word spreads of my heading north to Alaska and everyone seems to have an earful of sights to see, places to check out, and a lot of contradictions depending on experiences. After hours around the camp fire, I find my mind filled and not much more decided than when I first arrived. In the end, My route will end up tweaked by my own whims and experiences.