Day 2- odo: 26,220

Kennedy meadows to Camino, CA via hwy 395 -> 89 -> 88 -> cr5 – Mormon immigrant trail.

Knowingly many hours away from my destination, I point my wheels north on the 395 and twist the throttle. I can already feel the difference of this trip. Last year, I was so in awe that I could and was doing something like this. This year, there is a greater feeling of determination. Last year, I wandered. This year, I challenge myself.

Past Mono Lake is my favorite part of highway 395. Maybe because it twists and turns and ascends, or maybe because it’s lesser known to me.
But As beautiful as it is, turning onto the 89 was even more delightful. Nicely paved banked turns, higher and higher, cooler and cooler. As the day moved on and the sun lowered, I didn’t mind it shining in my eyes since it beautifully backlit tall trees and wildflowers along the way over Carson pass at 8,596 elevation. Still an hour away, I have been saying for the last two. Dusk settled and I descended down the steep driveway…