Day 4 – odo: 26,615

Camino, CA to Lassen National Forest


Today feels like I officially started my journey. Leaving the comfort of my parents house to ride unfamiliar roads, I look forward to the twisty back country as I head north from placerville. I dip into the first turn, my tires dip into a rut of patched potholes. the only line to pick to stay safely in my lane is a snow damaged mess. I quickly realize how lucky I am to be spoiled with nicely banked, year-round freshly paved turns along the roads in so. Cal. So instead of playing lines with oil snakes and patchwork, I jump on the I-80, which becomes a graded, needs asphalt disaster, so again I head north to more roadwork and detours. Relief (and fun riding) was finally found along the Feather river. Twists and turns and courteous drivers letting me pass, paralleling the railroad and green waters. I wanted to jump in, but the powerhouses on the banks persuaded me not to.