Posted in September 2011

Day 40. Riding passed the past

Day 40. Riding passed the past

It seems like our bodies know where we have been before whether we are conscience of it or not. I have purposefully passed locations I know I have visited in years prior, yet I still find myself pulled over along the roadside, in the same turnouts, only recognizing after dismounting my KLR. But passing years … Continue reading

Day 39. Raccoons stole my nuts

Day 39. Raccoons stole my nuts

I should have known when I chose campsite number 13 that it was not going to be lucky. I had seen those pesky but cute raccoons weaving in and around the redwoods just moments before. I had tried to grab a picture, but failed, as the sun was low, tucking itself behind a hill, and … Continue reading

Day 37. 6,487 miles. Oregon Coast

After several days of smelling the roses in Portland, it was time to hit the road again. A tingle of sickness sent me scurrying to the i5, wanting to get home quickly, but when the hours of boring landscape dragged on, I headed to the coast amidst the wind and rain. Well worth the views … Continue reading

Day 32-33. Skomakawa, WA

Could not fully capture the beauty of this Valley, but was delighted to stay as long as I did. Thank you Maria, mom and family!

Day 30-31. Seattle

It’s been a fantastic two days wandering the city with a kindred spirit, happening upon events could not have planned better

Day 25, 26, 27. View for 3 days…

e Exhausted from the final push of riding to Haines, AK, I plunked down on a lounge chair in the solarium (heated top deck) of the ferry and didn’t want move for three days. This was the view from the coziness of my orange sleeping bag. I did move about the ship eventually, sometimes with … Continue reading