Day 14- mile: 3,021

I am thankful to have found a campground in the middle of nowhere. I pushed past my comfort of a days ride as I rode on from Prince George, in hopes there would be something nearby. I didn’t want to turn around, even as the sun was setting directly I my eyes and the uncertainty of where was next town. My left hand as a visor, I looked at each sign on the side of the road, earlier as a pictorial game, now in hopes of salvation of a nights sleep. “Resort” ahead, 32km… And to me it was. The barren land which hosted a burger stand and gas bar has a consistent number of regulars pass through, not so surprising since it’s the only thing around for miles. I imagine this place was booming at one point: the campground full of RVs, water flowing and washrooms unboarded. But now a steady stream of friendly loggers and hunters.

As I got my morning coffee, a trio of hunters, after mentioning what a brisk morning it was, asked if camped for the night. I said yes, and I was headed to Alaska. Now? One said… And gave me a look that was common lately… That I am late in the season to be heading there since fall is already setting in. Well, it’s a beautiful blue sky morning, so I best be getting on my way and ride north…

5 thoughts on “Day 14- mile: 3,021

  1. Great report. Been followin ya on spot as well. Maybe we’ll see ya on the return. Was great ridin wit ya!

  2. Sounds like it was cold and dark over the Cascades so not so great advice :-/ Anyway, as we old hippy bikers say, “Keep on doing yer own thing in yer own time man. Farout!” If you make it down my way around next Friday, I’ll take you to dinner at the motorcycle bench. It’s an interesting and eclectic group of riders who meet in one guys shop and have an outstanding potluck every Friday at ‘beer-thirty’

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