Day 13- miles: 2,611. (pit) Falls of the Cascades

Route 20 thru Cascades National Park, WA

I awoke still in a bad mood from the night before. I started to wonder what I am doing out here and if it was worth pressing on. The chill in the air didn’t help alleviate my mood, the fog as thick as my glare. The sun finally broke through and I rode along beautiful scenery and fantastic twisties yet couldn’t wait to get to the other side. I didnt want to stop, yet couldn’t wait to stop in Winthrop. Walking around the saloon town, It was there I met a couple, two up on a BMW gs1200 coming from Alaska and heading to Argentina. Again. We had a quiet conversation, both parties weary from travel, But the way they spoke of the roads they came from revived me to continue on. I chose not to take the ferry, but the long way thru B.C. and Yukon. So I hoped back on my KLR and headed north to Canada.