Day 17. 4,143 miles. Lost in the wind.

Near Haines junction, Yukon. Rode along the Kluane mountains which had fresh snow on it’s peaks…

Lost in the wind (aka funny story time…)

Ever wonder how those pair of shoes or baseball cap or t-shirt appears on the side of the road? Well, I can tell you how my underwear is somewhere along highway in the Yukon. I thought it would be a good idea to air dry 3 pairs in a 6″ mesh bag, which I carefully tied the cord to the strap attached to my bike. Well, the slack of the line was just enough to hang over my exhaust and melt a hole right in the bottom of the bag, giving the wind the ability to grab hold and fling them somewhere amidst highway 37.

Luckily I brought 5 pairs…

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