A fantastic pair of packs!

So I meant to write this months ago when I returned home from my trip, but got swept up in work and then the holidays.  So since it is already the New Year, the reviews still deserve to be written.

From the first day of sunshine to the last stretch home, those bright orange seahorse cases mounted to the side of my KLR worked absolutely great.  My initial phone call to Donald at Seahorse (thank you for the reassurance) was one of concern for the water-proof-ness of the locks .  I liked the idea of locking latches, but wasn’t sure how they would hold up to the rain I knew I was bound to run into in Alaska.  With the cases mounted upright, it would test not only the locks but the water tightness of the packs themselves.  Both aspects handled wonderfully in all conditions…rain, wind, fog, and frost…the insides were kept dry. The only test I did not encounter was the drop test (thankfully).  Since they open in a clamshell manner, which lends for easy access, I made handled bags the dimension of the inside capacity to limit the spilling of items.  And as for space, there was plenty of it to store all of my goods. So, after almost 8,000 miles the cases are still on my bike, ready to be loaded for the next adventure.

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