Thank you Scorpion gear…

Trying to find the appropriate motorcycle gear before I left for Alaska was a task in itself.  I tried at least half a dozen jackets, but the reality is that I’m tall, I’m busty and not much of the European stature (they make great designs, but I have more meat on my bones than that). I didn’t want to settle for wearing boxy men’s gear because there are enough women out there some company should be able to accommodate my needs.  I was looking for waterproof gear, knowing that I was bound for some (if not all) rainy days in Alaska.  It should have enough layers to keep me warm and vents to cool off on the hot days.  So enter Scorpion’s new adventure line for women… their gear fit the bill.  The jacket, even though I joke about it taking 5 minutes to get in and out of (ok, maybe 4) was worth the extra fastening, especially since it was my protection from the elements every day for a month and a half.  The pants fit as best they could on my 36” inseam (so I wished they were a little longer) but nonetheless, kept me dry when riding in the rain. Loved the big, removable collar…it really helped on those cold days.  Lots of pockets for all I could think of and more.  So, to all the ladies out there of similar attributes…I highly recommend Scorpion.  They will be where I look first when I need new gear.


4 thoughts on “Thank you Scorpion gear…

  1. 36″ sounds great…I can flatfoot my raised KLR, but when it come to gear (and clothes)…no fun…the knee pads always fit high.. The jacket outer shell was fully waterproof and same with the pants. I made the mistake last year of buying pants with the zip in liner… a wet, heavy, and cold outer layer is still heavy and cold even if the thin inner layer is dry. If you are considering gear, I heavily suggest waterproof outers. Its worth the extra heat that can’t escape on the hot days.

  2. I agree with your thoughts on waterproofing vs. zip in linings. It is one of my frustrations with m/c specific gear especially living here in Colorado – where as you know the rain comes in deluges and is damn cold even in the middle of the summer.

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