Best time to ride in LA

Is when its cold out.


On a Saturday, it’s rare to have the Crest highway all to yourself. I enjoyed every bit of it.


3 thoughts on “Best time to ride in LA

  1. Looks like it was pretty CRISP. But the snow is beauty. Stew and I are planning working on a ride this Sunday. He talked me into beating it out of church early. If you’re local and got nuthin’ to do we’re talking about leaving my place some time around 1:00… give or take.


  2. @ Danny…Yup, the TDM is my fun street ride…love it so far. Not going to make it to DV. Work popped up.

    @ DanO…was going to pester you guys for riding on Apr 7/8 since I will be in return route on Sunday. Have a grand time!

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