Overland Expo 2012 is around the corner

And I can’t help but get excited while prepping my moto for travel next week…  A mini-adventure to Flagstaff, AZ before the 3rd annual summer trip!  I was only able to attend one day/night of last years event, so looking forward to a full weekend of meeting other overlanders and information galore (and of course another BMW test ride with the guys at Raw Hyde.)

Here are some highlights from “Motorcycle Village” at OX11:

2 thoughts on “Overland Expo 2012 is around the corner

  1. What day are you going? Was thinking about getting out from LA Thursday and back on Sunday… Planing on riding the GS

  2. Not sure when I am leaving, but will be at OX12 by Thurs afternoon. I will probably stick around AZ for a couple days after. I still haven’t decided KLR or TDM. See you there if I don’t see you on the road!

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