three on 3-wheels


Growing up in a time where no one thought twice about piling a flip-prone 3-wheeler with two kids to ride them around the sand, has its benefits.  Helmets were optional at that point, but at least she protected my pale skin from the sun with a visor.  I recently watched the documentary “Wanderlust” and can’t help but recall the narrator describing how kids these days in their 5-point harnesses and dvd players will never know the joys of sprawling on a bench seat in the back of a 70’s sedan, tip of their nose touching the window, watching the world go by when you are 5 years old.  I understand the need for protection, for safety, but at what point is it a hindrance in experience and growth?  At what point are there no longer training wheels, just the confidence needed to take on the world? I am thankful to have grown up in an era of minimal worries and even more thankful that my mom was as an adventurous woman as she was; also for allowing me to falter when I needed to in order to learn not to do it again; and not worrying when I take these solo moto trips since she knows I can decide what’s right for myself. So for today, a cheers to the adventures where moms and motherhood take you…




5 thoughts on “three on 3-wheels

  1. Great photos! Wow, that really brings back memories. I do miss 3-wheeling – what fun! 😉

    • I love how mom made you wear the helmet! Those were the sweet days of running around in the sun and taking a dip in the canal when it got too hot. xoxo

      • I completely forgot about swimming in the canals! Wow…that was fun.

        Yeah, I thought the same thing about the helmet. Funny, huh? And you looked so darn cute with your little visor! 😉

  2. ’78 Ford Van, big in-line 6, 4 on the floor – my Dad used to let me stand between the two front seats and hold the steering wheel and “drive” right up the interstate! Great post and great pics!

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