Morning wake up in Tecopa


Leaving is so hard to do sometimes…I
hit the road at 7pm, then only made it as far as the 15 before needing to pull off to a gas station for some wtf fix since my bike was overheating even in the cool evening air.


The coolant reservoir was empty… Filled it… Still overheating. I took the tank off and the plastic water outlet has melted shut. Luckily people like to discard their junk at the gas station so I found a long screw and gently made a new hole for the water to flow.

All that made for a long night even longer, not arriving until 2am. I was happy to find an open space amongst the sage off the side of the highway, sleeping openly under the shimmer of the milky way, catching 2 shooting stars, trying to take it all in before my weary eyes reluctantly closed…the night sky was worth the chaos of the day.

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