the Painted Desert…(edited)

(*sometimes I struggle with how little or how much to share…so here is version 3, edited excerpt of “Flagstaff, Loosing Bolts, the Painted Desert, Taos, and the 1,000 miles home”*)

 Riding along I- 40, for as wide open as it is crossing the Arizona desert, felt like a wind tunnel.  The day’s end brought me to the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest, which in all my traveling of the Southwest, I have never been to. I wandered through as the sun drifted lower and lower, setting for the nights close of the park.

It was truly magnificent scenery of geological sediments of time creating striped  multi-colored rock formations.  I highly recommend the 28-mile excursion to anyone who happens to by driving by. And there happens to be free camping next to the gift shop.

Waking up at 5am, even before the sun, I packed up camp with only a tease of winds.  Timing happened to be right, so I found a spot of even ground and moved through a series of stances as the sun illuminated the sky.  Outdoor yoga doesn’t happen often, but it’s a great way to start the day.

Instead of running back and re-tracking the I-40, I went through the National park again, noticing different features with the sun lighting up the other side.  It was early on a Friday, and I was trying to imagine the park in full summer swing, but it was really peaceful to have the place all to myself.


That serenity ended as I looped the on-ramp back to the Interstate.  It seemed like no matter which direction I turned, the 40mph winds were there to greet me head on…

…but as the wind blows, so must I move on again. Back on the KLR chasing the road of sun sets … 1,000 miles west to Los Angeles.  It was good to be going home.

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