Taking time for love… (2 Cheers)

Part I:

As I find myself tangled in the madness of trip planning, motorcycle preparation and how to file my daily life as I know it away for 6 months, I have to remember to stop and take time for the things in my life that I love…

Amidst the activities I found to bring me the most happiness – motorcycling, exploring, writing and photographing – I recognize that it wouldn’t be much of anything without the people who make the day to day worthwhile.

So, this is a big cheers to the wonderful people in my life: be they close friends, even closer friends, my family, those I have worked beside, and those I have met on the road… Thank you for all those moments which make life just that much sweeter… xo

Part II:

When talking with a friend the other day, I laughed at listening to her say, “I don’t remember what you were like before you were an adventurer,” and, really, I can’t either.  It is such a fitting way of life; I can’t believe I wasn’t always this way.  Recently, in a book I was reading, The Happiness Project, one line in particular stuck with me: you can choose what you do, but you can’t choose what you like to do.  An amusing realization, since at times I have watched other people do things and wanted to have the same fun doing those things, but in reality, it just isn’t as much fun for me.  However, this is all part of the love of life: going through the discovery phase of what brings us joy. Even at 32, I am still coming into my own.  So, cheers to figuring out the things in life we love, the people we love and doing what makes us happy.