The Body Project, Part I: a jump start

With the realization of a nearing departure, I need to use these 15 weeks and really kick my preparation into gear.  There is still much to be done: research of visiting countries, outfitting the bike and training the body as well as the mind for the endurance of long distance, long term travel.

To knock one thing off my list of projects to start, I joined the YMCA.  I have never been one for gyms since I have a regular, yet casual, yoga practice. But I need more; my body needs more.  Or more specifically, I need someone else to help push me to do more…and that’s what teachers are for.  If I have the time and there is a class on the schedule, I am in it.  Sculpting for strength and muscle building, step for cardio and coordination, pilates for core, yoga for flexibility and alignment, and dance for the fun of it.

In addition to exercise, I am starting a transition to whole food eating, and including more meat to get used to what I will most often find on the road.

Weight and measurements were taken in hopes of sharing good results before I leave. Already one week into it and there is a delight in the soreness in my muscles.  I can’t help but I feel great and ready continue the effort.

So, here starts my body project…

2 thoughts on “The Body Project, Part I: a jump start

  1. Dont forget that the first month your nerve system learning how to utilize your muscles….
    True muscle growth ( strength ) will start by the end of your 2nd month of exercises.
    The best preparation for your trip will be endurance training (60% max HR 220- your age x .60)
    Yoga will not be the best for your needs at this time, high flexibility is also hipermobilty…

    • Thanks Danny for the technical insight… I will focus on endurance training in addition to yoga (that is just a constant practice for me) and need to remember it will be two months before I start to show results. I realize I should have started this process months ago, but any bit helps at this point.

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