5 thoughts on “Its a Bake Sale (ok, not really) but help fund my kickstarter project!!!

      • I don’t know Miss Wanderlust! Now my schedule is ridiculous! We could hit Pazzo Gelato and grab coffee/ice cream next weekend? Or crash Paul/Nicole’s new pad… 😉

  1. Allison, if you are planning to visit Guatemala,, let me know…My cousin Marvin (which I know you met him and his wife while they stayed with us) anyway…if you dont ming, I can have them take you around the the most beautiful places, You would just let me know when you will be arriving Guatemaala City and contect with him and viola!!! You would love it…they have the financial menas to make anybodys trip amazing!! His name is Marvinm his wife is Delia, Let me know if you would be interested and I am will give them heads up…..what you think?

    • Beatriz, I would love that! I will definitely be passing through Guatemala and that sounds wonderful to be shown around by a local 🙂 Pass them my info

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