10 days… 1522 miles of bugs, dust and grime… and barely breaking in a Klim suit.

Some companies know how to do it right.  Klim (as in climb) gear is one of them. (http://www.klim.com/en-us/moto) A small family operated company out of Idaho, they seem know what people like when it comes to adventure gear: waterproof, breathable and durable.

Of the many years I have been riding, there have been some improvements in women’s motorcycle gear (namely availability.)  When I grew out of my grunge phase in the 1990’s, I vowed to start wearing women specific clothing.  Over time I have tried numerous brands and sizes, but I had to face the fact I am nowhere close to the average height of a woman (5’4” according to the internet) and I even exceed the average height of a man (5’10”.) So, due to my stature and the inherent availability (or lack there of) of quality women’s riding gear that would fit, I decided to reexamine that idea and invested in Klim gear (who currently only makes men’s gear… really looking forward to what they come out with for women in the near future.)  Luckily, the Latitude suit fits well and has enough adjustments I can forget I have on something made for a man.

I called, I ordered, and when the box arrived I opened it with delight since I was about to take a 10-day mini adventure around N. CA and up to Paisley, OR.

The fabric feels durable yet is surprisingly soft and pliable.  The stitching of fasteners are sturdy and the placement of Velcro adjustments are well thought out.  The zippers are easy to access and create adequate vents for airflow.

So off I went, and tried out the suit with only a t-shirt underneath. I rode through a hot and bug laden central California, (even tried out the weatherproofness as rain drops momentarily inter-mixed with bug splats), then up to the cold and misty shores along the Northern coast.  The suit has faired well.  I was glad to have the light gray suit in the heat of the day yet I will admit, due to my temperature regulation set to a usually warm and sunny southern California weather, I threw on another layer (a light down jacket) as I rode through damp coastal fog.

I am happy to have invested in this suit, since it will be my home during upcoming 6-month adventure.

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