The trail of the wandering Wickershams

It was a Tuesday, the sun was playing behind the hills, not ready to set, but no longer shining bright on us.  We pulled into a nearly empty campsite and shook out our hands and legs, finally giving rest to the bikes after miles of vibrating beneath us.  As I rushed off to the restroom, I noticed the only other occupants at the campsite were also two motorcyclists. Even though the bikes were the lower profile of a cruiser, they were too small to be Harley’s.

I walked over to an enthusiastic couple who were riding 250cc metric cruisers and happen to be world travelers.  They are happily retired and only started riding two years ago. Already they have 27,000 miles under their belts – the majority ridden in the past 9 weeks touring Western US and up through Jasper National Park in Canada; and about 7,000 on little 125cc motos they bought in Thailand and toured around.  They decided to try out two wheels and a motor after traveling the world for 3-1/2 years on a tandem bicycle, including all the way to the tip of South America.  Talk about bad-asses!  This couple gets big cheers from me for their adventures: (

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