Prep: Immunizations… the cost of health.

In preparing for travels down to Central and South America, I tend to play it on the “safe” side.  I am guessing it’s overkill, that the countries I am visiting aren’t as great of a risk as they once were, but I went to a local clinic (Healthy Traveler in Pasadena) for inoculations anyway.  The doctor was laid back yet very informative and the assistant was quick (what more can you ask for when you are getting shots):

Here’s the list of vaccines:

Yellow Fever (mosquito transmission) –  $110

Hepatitis A (personal contact or contaminated food/water) – $84

Hepatitis B (personal contact, most often in hospitals) – $79 x 2 (booster) = $158

Typhoid (contaminated food or water) – $86

Tetanus/Diphtheria (germs in cuts) – $59

Pills (for the just in case scenarios):

Malaria (mosquito transmission) –

Giardia (gonna happen at some point  – antibiotic) – $4

And the Consultation fee – $44

Bottom line: $545

(That hurt worse than the needle.)

4 thoughts on “Prep: Immunizations… the cost of health.

  1. It may have hurt (the pocketbook), but getting any one of those illnesses would have added a lot more than that cost in a heartbeat. The cost in time off, in treatments, in inconvenience, in shipping the bike home and you in a plane and all of the other things you can imagine are now so much more unlikely. If I might suggest one more – Dukoral. Start ASAP because it’s two oral doses and the second should be 7 days before travel. It’s against Travelers Diarrhea (Montezuma’s Revenge) and to a lesser degree Cholera. Just the first one is such a huge chance in those countries that I’d get it for sure. I’m a pharmacist and have sold lots, not to mention traveled to many of those countries. Best wishes and I look forward to the travelog.

    • Agreed! I would rather err on the side of caution and get the shots now and not have to worry about the what ifs. I will look into Dukoral. I am generally a person who like to take as little pharmaceuticals as possible (I am taking Malaria pills with me rather than a course of pills the entire time I am there) but will keep items on standby for the just in case scenarios. Thanks for the info…its all a learning experience from here on out!

  2. Alison,
    We did not take anything to prevent Malaria…We were exposed for to long a period of time. Long sleves in the evening and lots of bug juice, bug coils under the table and in the bedroom for Bali and southeast Asia. Have a Great Ride and we will watch your posts. Art & Judee

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