Seat Concepts : comfort for the many miles ahead!



Seat Concepts  is a small company based out of San Jacinto, CA.  It was well worth the trek to watch Lendon build a new seat for my KLR.  A man whose initially constructed seats to restore old motocross racing bikes, he has made a booming business for himself recovering dual sport seats.

The foam-molded replacement has an unmatched buoyancy to it, promising many miles of comfort.  There are two kits ready to install for the KLR: short and standard.  I, being of unusually long inseam and I never seem to make things easy, inquired about adding height to the seat.  Lendon’s reponse: Let’s make it happen, and off to the back we went for a custom seat.

I watched the quick dismantling of my well-used seat.  It had been previously recovered, and within the foam was a layer of gel padding.  He pointed out that due to the squishiness of the foam, the gel’s properties were absorbed in the foams buoyancy, rendering its properties useless. Lendon spoke with experience of many attempts at finding the best possible formula for a comfy seat. Feeling how my seat has not held up over the years, I was really looking forward to trying out the foam that was developed for Seat Concepts.

For extra height, we decided on a denser 1” foam layer to add to the top. Adding ample adhesion, (which helps fill in the divots and creates a smoother surface), He was off and carving the foam into shape, using a knife that reminded me off something you would use at Thanksgiving (but a much, much nicer knife.)  After carving comes finessing the curves with foam sanding; then a tug and pull and staple dance to fit the marine grade vinyl cover snuggly over all the layers of foam padding.  The result looks fantastic!

I was eager to watch the process, since my last attempt at recovering a 1977 CB550 seat took me days to figure out and looked something reminiscent of Frankenstein.  Within an hour and a half of walking through the door, Lendon had a beautifully crafted seat ready to put back on my KLR.

My initial trial of the seat was a comfortable 90-mile ride back home and I can already tell its up for the 20,000-mile challenge in its near future. Overall, outstanding job and a really big THANK YOU to Lendon at Seat Concepts for sending me off with such a topnotch seat!


Here is the work in progress:

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