A quiet good-bye to Los Angeles

As I prepared in the final week before my departure, I couldn’t help but think this was the last time I would be driving around these streets of North East Los Angeles that I have come to know in my 9-year residence.  There was a fondness to the idea, not so much in what I will be missing, but what I had experienced in those neighborhoods.  Each time I drove around, I was ready to say good-bye. Then I would forget one more item and have to drive them again.

The city itself, I have been ready to say good-bye to for a long time.  It’s the people I have come to know were the hardest to part from.  Even though my last days were filled with paperwork for me and the bike as well as organization of packing my bike and my life, I couldn’t say no to seeing any of my friends.


It was not as easy as I thought it would be to wave goodbye to what was once my daily routine, but there was a consensus amongst the group: Alison, it is time to go.  When I planned the actual day of my departure, I imagined a grand send off with lots of people riding in my wake.  But it was a quiet send off with just me riding off quietly in the night.  So as have watched a final sun set over downtown Los Angeles, so has my time spent there. With no attachments to return to, the open road becomes my home.