Day 10: A day off the motorcycles

After nine days on the road, traveling over 1600 miles of asphalt and a ferry across the Sea of Cortez, it was time for a day off.  Riding in Mexico is exhausting.  It’s either pay hefty tolls for a straight thoroughfare or wind through side highways and small towns, maneuvering around lumbering trucks when possible while sucking up exhaust fumes since there seem to be no EPA restrictions in effect. Attention is a continuous need between potholes that could have been where meteors hit and vehicles of all sizes that pass in blind curves.

Landscapes have been beautiful in parts and amazing in others.  Amazing in regards to how much trash is by the roadside.  When the sun still hangs low in the morning sky, casting its rays over glittering hills, I realized what is nesting beside cacti is the sparkle of plastic bags and glass bottles.  Normally I love motorcycling for the fact that you are in the elements.  Many of the past days’ miles have bared trash, fires and the lovely smell of trash on fire.  I was glad that the last leg was a somewhat more pleasant experience of burning corn husks.

Not to paint a sour picture of Mexico so far, there have been a lot of remarkable experiences as well, mostly revolving around food.  The roadside stands we tend to stop at have been super delicious and the people have been all smiles and very helpful, especially despite our language barriers.



So today we spent walking around Zacapu, Michoacan, MX, eating an interesting version of pizza, getting our boots shined, and spending too much time at the computer with emails, route planning and editing pictures while our laundry was cleaned. Back on the road tomorrow, which holds another day to see all that Mexico has to offer.



7 thoughts on “Day 10: A day off the motorcycles

  1. Now THAT’S my kinda day off the bike. Good to know you’re cruisin’ with a few birds of the feather… for now.

  2. LOL… I love the clothes line! I haven’t hung clothes out to dry since I was a small child. Let’s hear it for solar clothes dryers! 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad you were able to enjoy a litle down time. Too bad about the trash–just try to ignore it and focus on all the beauty and wonder of Mexico. Love and hugs, Mom xoxoxo

  3. Allison, if you can make it through Antigua, Guatemala, look up Scott Haskins on Facebook. He’s a rider like you staying there for a few weeks and knows all the locals, hostels, community, etc… Nice guy.

  4. Ah, when I smell burning trash anywhere else now, I think of all the great times I’ve had racing and riding in Mexico…never a dull moment on the roads there, racing or not, either…

    Third world countries make for some great stories!

  5. I love reading your posts. I’m sure yo u post often but I’m gonna need more for my female coworkers. They love when I share your blog with them. They really think your “NUTS” for riding through Mexico, but I tellem how awesome you are and how jealous all US guys are that you have the guts and SPIRIT to follow your dream of riding down south. We love you, and anxciously await your next post!

  6. If you think those potholes are massive, careful around the Ecuadorian/Peruvian border. I lost my co-pilot in one around a curve while we were still in Ecuador.

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