Time to catch up: Colombia, part ii

Time to catch up:  Colombia, part ii

In Venezuela I realized I could not stay there as leisurely as expected, so I decided to run for the border and spend Christmas in Colombia.  So, off to Medellin… but first some of the best riding in Colombia yet.  The road from San Cristobal, Venezuela to Bucaramanga, Colombia and on to Medellin was stellar.

Pamplona, Colombia


From the Road, Colombia

on the road to Bucaramanga, Colombia


Medellin was a nice place to spend a quiet Christmas.

Then off to Salento to look at giant Palm trees, a town which I could have easily spent way more time.

Valle de Corora

And a great place to stay at Finca La Serrana:

Finca La Serrana, Salento, Colombia


Down to a very hot and crowded Cali with an obligatory stay at Casa Blanca (Motolombia)

Casa Blanca, Cali, Colombia

A quick stop over at Popayan, the white city:

Popayan, Colombia


Photo Club at town Center


Popayan, the White City


Church is a popular place

A last nights stay in Colombia:

Cabanas Outside of Pasto, Colombia

Then more spectacular roads that led to Ecuador.

Many Mountain views

So many miles of road


3 thoughts on “Time to catch up: Colombia, part ii

  1. you are here in medellin, callme 310 426 61 06, i”m yomar andres vélez, i live in caldas Antioquia, i am your fan

    • Thank you for the offer, but I am already in Peru. My posts are a little behind the time since I have been riding so much. Medellin was a fantastic city. I understand why so many get caught there.

  2. truly enjoying your trip blog along with all your beautiful pictures….keep them coming. My only wish….that I was there with you.

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