Chile: the Patagonian Wonders

And the road continues south, and even when two riders enter the landscape, it is a solitude like no other…

pictures speak for themselves…

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9 thoughts on “Chile: the Patagonian Wonders

  1. I can’t believe you’re almost to TdF! It seems like yesterday since we were talking over dinner at Natty’s wedding in Trinidad. You are a vicarious vehicle.

  2. Awesome photos! I was in Patagonia and hiked the “W”. If you get a chance you should do that. Spectacular scenery. But your photos really make me want to get a bike and head down there. SIgh. One day…

    • I had a couple friend that did that hike and said it was amazing. I wish I had been better prepared to do it myself. It would have been good to stretch the legs after so many days and miles of sitting.

  3. Excelentes tus fotografías y videos en You tube, vivo en la Patagonia cerca de las Torres del Payne y también tengo una KLR 650, con la cual recorro estos lugares, pero tus viajes inspiran a cualquiera a recorrer mas distancias y disfrutar de este viaje que es la vida. Felicitaciones.


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