A conversation with D. Brent Miller of Sojourn Chronicles

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Brent about traveling and my latest trip to Tierra del Fuego. For those who are not familiar with Sojourn Chronicles, Brent interviews a wide range of enthusiasts of motorcycles, traveling, bicycling, adventuring, and more, which you can find on his website.


One thought on “A conversation with D. Brent Miller of Sojourn Chronicles

  1. Hello Alison

    This seems backwards, but it’s high time that I let you know that you’ve been a pleasant inspiration for me in spite that you’re the age of my daughter and usually inspirations flow the other way, from old to young. You managed to reverse that trend.

    I was following your journey early this spring while camping at Port Angeles, WA, probably a very familiar area for you, and for some strange reason it where your emotional dilemmas, like dropping your camera in Peru, that where encouraging for me. It’s that connecting with your emotions that becomes the fascinating thing when making longer bike journeys. The frets and elations over weather, road conditions, personal comforts, family, and mechanical humming’s are almost addictive. I added a challenge by still riding my bike that I bought new in 1969. I’m on my own should something go wrong. I found that out after my rear wheel drive packed it in while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge this spring. The BMW dealer in San Francisco sent me packing, would not even let me take the bike of the tow truck because it was “too old”. Then the adventure begins, I found a friend, a place to work on the bike, had spare parts send from my home in Canada and fixed the problem myself. I was returning from camping in Death Valley and this mechanical hick-up opened up a whole new world of exciting experiences. And only we, the riders of bikes know how to fully appreciate that.

    My next adventure will be to finally make it to the east coast of Canada. Not only is my bike by now somewhat vintage it also pulls a sidecar for the last 18 years, but it has taken me and my son to Florida and back and endless other camping trips, I’m sure we’ll make it east and back too.

    Since your writing is fantastic, put me on the list for your book that you have to write.

    All the best,


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