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Day 21. A peak of Mt. McKinley…

It’s right there in the middle…. It felt good to stretch the legs and go for a brisk hike. I didn’t want to spend 11 hours on a bus, so here is a View from Mt Healy outlook… At least I got to see it’s peak.

Day 20. To choose a road…

Yesterday I dropped by Adventure cycleworks outside of Fairbanks for an oil change, and ended up leaving with a headful of information about the Dalton highway to prudhoe bay. Coming from someone who has been up almost every year for the past 30, he let me know about the best places to camp, to eat, … Continue reading

Day 19. 4,783 miles. Alaska at last

I don’t know if I took many pictures today… Each day starts out with a fresh perspective, the landscapes changing slightly from the day before. But the road kept getting longer, the aspens playing leapfrog with the spruce, the peak of blue sky at the horizon, stayed just beyond the gray, never attainable. 4 days … Continue reading

Day 15. 3,383 Miles. The Cassiar Hwy

I imagine people are preparing for BBQs for Labor day as i ride north in the vastness of British Columbia. I am happy to have the solitude, glad to have chosen to ride…two days passing golden aspens, changing to the color of the hidden sun as the cold sets in. Clouds loom with proclamations of … Continue reading

Day 12. 2,256 miles. Hello, Mt Rainier

Oh Mt. Rainier, How I wish I could have seen more of you. You teased me with keyhole glimpses of your peaks, shrouded by a shawl of white fog. We were off to a cold start, but even as the day warmed on, still no full reveal. You left me wanting more.

Day 18. ALASKA!!!

Day 18. ALASKA!!!

Made it to Alaska! Long days of riding make it hard to hold a camera straight… So far: 4,506 Miles. 4 states. 2 provinces. And a whole lotta road.